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NH SMO 05Social media optimization (SMO) is the process by which you make your content easily share-able across the social web. Because so many options exist for where people can view your content, the content model for the web has shifted from, “We have to drive as much traffic to our website as possible,” to the more pragmatic, “We have to ensure as many people see our content as possible.” You’ll still want most people to see your content on your site — and if you’re doing it right they will but helping people view content through widgets, apps and other social media entry points will accrue positive benefits for your brand. The more transportable you can make your content, the better. The growing trend of convergence of communities online has opened an opportunity for companies to create awareness of their brands through social media marketing and many have taken a strategic leap to ensure that their presence is optimized in the social media realm through social media optimization.
Social media marketing & optimization is the process of ensuring that companies’ online presence or sales channels are social media compatible for content to be easily disseminated onto the different social media platforms, tools and services to create your company’s brand awareness and publicity. The concept of SMO has been kicked around for a while, but much like SEO it’s always been kind of a gray area, a moving target. How do you optimize what people are sharing on Facebook and Twitter, and Google+? How do you control what people see when they share your content on Social Networks?

Why Social Media Optimization Matters?
Before we get to the practical, let’s start with the “Why,” as in “Why you should care about SMO?” As you can see from the chart below, social networks are driving an increasing amount of traffic to an increasing number of websites. Sites like Comedy Central, Forever 21 and Easy are seeing more traffic from social networks than they see from Google. How social referral traffic is performing for you most likely depends on two factors:
How interesting your content is
How easily shareable you have made that content across a variety of networks.
In other words, SMO can lead to increased traffic to your site, as friends encourage their friends to digest specific content. If you can appeal to a given person, their friends are statistically more likely to be interested in the same thing, so you’re likely reaching a well-targeted audience. Further, it also leads to improved search engine optimization, as major search engines count links as if they were votes for your site. SMO isn’t just about building a bigger social media presence for your brand. Whether or not your organization has a strong social network presence, the social networks of others can be leveraged to great effect.

Social Sign In: The goal of most websites is to attract visitors. Beyond that, you want the visitor to register. Why? Connected visitors tend to engage more than non-connected visitors — they’ve already engaged once by registering, after all. So if you can get the visitor to connect, you’ll likely see more time on site, more page views, lower bounce rate and, if you’re operating an e-commerce site, increased sales.

Social Commenting: Leaving a comment on a site is nice. Sharing that comment with your social network is a traffic driver. Today, through programs like Echo, Gigya and Disqus, you can easily encourage people to share their comments more broadly. Since Likes show up as one line of text, and Shares show up as a link with a comment, progressive sites are encouraging Shares immediately after someone presses the Like button.

Overall Strategy: Given the importance of the referral traffic and the fact that many search engines, including Google, Bing and Scour are currently incorporating social actions into their search results, having a strategy for socializing your website and your content is increasingly important.

SMO Netherand 02The all new principles of SMO, Focus on the user and all SEO will follow.

  • Create – Maximize your creativity with original quality content.
  • Relate – Create relatable content, or make your content relatable.
  • Captivate – Fun and interesting content, stand out from the noise.
  • Enjoy – Have Fun! All the most popular media personalities enjoy it.
  • Share – Seek shareable content, Reciprocate sharing with movers.
  • Acknowledge – Acknowledging others encourages engagement.
  • Contribute – Find ways to contribute desired value to audience.
  • Influencers – Identify key influencers to foster connections with.
  • Communities – Existing communities can expand your reach .
  • Reputation – Build personal reputation & brand, as a reliable source.
  • Authority – Become a notable authority in a field of expertise.
  • Leadership – Lead in social with original ideas, be a Thought Leader.
  • Social – Be sociable, try to visualize & reach the individual person.
  • Media – Learn to master the media platforms you need to reach.
  • Optimization – Target, optimize content/keywords integral to SMO

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